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Artwork & Other Non-Code Files

File Naming

The format for all filenames is: PREFIX_[Group]_[Name]_SUFFIX

  • PREFIX defines the kind of asset.
  • [Group] defines which group in the project this asset belongs to. For example, if an environmental model, which level it appears in. Or, if an NPC model, whether it is an Enemy or a Player.
  • [Name] self explanatory. Name appropriately and descriptively.
  • SUFFIX for extra dilineation on the asset type.
Asset Prefix Suffix
(UNITY) Material MAT_  
(UNREAL) Material MAT_ Lit or Unlit
(UNREAL) Material Instance MI_  
Texture TEX_  
Texture (PBR Diffuse) TEX_ _D
Texture (PBR Normal) TEX_ _N
Texture (PBR Occlusion/Roughness/Metallic) TEX_ _ORM
Texture (PBR Emission) TEX_ _E
Texture (HDRi) TEX_ _HDR
Render Target / Render Texture RT_  
Static Mesh SM_  
Skeletal Mesh SK_  
Post Process Profile PP_  
Visual Effect VFX_  
(UNREAL) Blueprint BP_  
(UNITY) Prefab PF_  
Config CONFIG_  
Icon ICON_  
(UNITY) Scene SCENE_  
(UNITY) Input System Controls CONTROLS_  
Shader (Lit)   Lit
Shader (Unlit)   Unlit
Shader Function (HLSL) HLSL_  


Code File Naming

Class Catagory Prefix Suffix Example
Standard     Thing.cs
Abstract A   AThing.cs
Interface I   IThing.cs
Scriptable Object   Data ThingData.cs
Singleton Manager   Manager ThingManager.cs
Static Extensions   Extensions Vector3Extensions.cs
Asset Library   Library ThingLibrary.cs
Unit Tests   Tests ThingTests.cs

Code Naming

public enum ExampleEnum

// "A" prefix because abstract class
public abstract class AExampleClass

  // Arrange variables in this order: 
  // Serialized > Public Vars > Public Properties > Member Vars

  [SerializeField] int SerializedVariable;
  public int PublicVariable;
  public int Property => mMemberVariable;
  int mMemberVariable; // Omit 'private' for private vars
  bool mIsElectric; // Bools should be named in such a way that you can tell what true or false means implicity. IE: `mIsElectric` instead of `mElectric`

  // Arrange methods in this order:
  // Unity > Protected > Public > Private

  // Unity functions should be private
  void Update()

  protected virtual void ExampleVirtualMethod() {}
  protected abstract void ExampleAbstractMethod();

  public int GetValue(int parameter)
    return parameter * mMemberVariable;

// ----------------------------------------------------
// Run coroutines like this:

  // Reference to the running coroutine so starting again stops the old one.
  IEnumerator mDoTaskCoroutine;

  // Function to start coroutine
  void DoTask()
    mDoTaskCoroutine = CR_DoTask();

  //Function of the coroutine itself, CR_ prefix
  IEnumerator CR_DoTask()
    for(float t = 0; t < 1.0f; t += Time.deltaTime)
      Debug.Log("The current time is " Time.time);
      yield return null;

// ----------------------------------------------------


Folder Structure

Top-level folders are capitalized, all else lower are lowercase.

  • Art
    • example_category_static
      • material instance (UNREAL) / material (UNITY)
      • model
      • texture
    • example_category_skinned
      • animation
      • avatar_masks
      • material instance (UNREAL) / material (UNITY)
      • model
      • texture
  • Blueprints (UNREAL)
  • Data
  • Font
  • Icon
  • Maps (UNREAL) / Scenes (UNITY)
  • MasterMaterials (UNREAL) / Shaders (UNITY)
  • PostProcessProfiles
  • Prefabs (UNITY)
  • RenderTargets (UNREAL) / RenderTextures (UNITY)
  • VisualEffects