Sheehan Ahmed

Engineer, Designer &
3D Artist/Animator


Left On Read

Downloaded over 300,000 times

Left on Read is an choice-driven narrative platformer about the harsh realities of modern age communication.


Tomato's Guns

University Directed Research Project

Tomato's Guns is a Titanfall and Metroid inspired movement shooter. We embarked on this project to learn proper scalability practices and code architecture.


Portrait of a Deluded Narcissist

Solo Project

Portrait of a Deluded Narcissist was a project I made almost purely to test out the new features in Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline and pay homage to two of my favorite things, Kojima's Playable Teaser for the tragically cancelled Silent Hills project, and, well, anime. I learned to create high quality assets & materials, as well as light them properly to create a horror atmosphere. I also learned to use audio middleware wWise.

On the development side of things, I challenged myself to use several new features like Cinemachine, Timeline, and the new input framework. The 'portal' effect had me messing around with RenderTextures and a special shader. All in all, given the volume of uncharted territory I tackled, I am satisfied with the end result.

(Thank you to Emily Maahs for 2D artwork help)


Let's Get This Bread

Solo Project

Let's Get This Bread was the first project I committed to finish and polish in the way that a complete game should be. I challenged myself to implement a main menu & pause menu, save-loading, collectibles, and an interactable dialogue system. The result is a short but sweet fourth-wall-breaking horror platformer I still feel proud of. 


Unity C# Engineering Guide

A living document detailing advanced programming topics, features and patterns with C# in the Unity Game Engine I continue to update as I learn.


Works in Progress



Pre-production: Lead Engineer

Production: Code Architecture Designer & Engineer

Realtime Strategy Roguelite. Collect fish, add them to your swarm, and brawl your way to the top of the ocean.

I managed an engineering team of 5 during the pre-production phase to produce prototypes of various systems, such as combat simulation and fish ability management.

I wrote a humble-object driven battle system in order to virtually simulate fish combat.

I continue to work on Leechbug as an engineer!



C# with Unity

C++ & Blueprint with Unreal

Having finished several games and prototyped many, many more, I have developed the skills to craft games that are programmed with optimization and scalability in mind.

Art & Animation


Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Games live and die by their characters. Bringing interesting, creative and distinct characters to life using vibrant animation and character designs is one of my favorite ways to improve presentation.

Game Design

Interactive Media & Games Degree at USC

As I continue to study at University of Southern California, the best game design school in the globe, I develop and nurture the habits of a designer who understands how to prioritize play and create riveting experiences that hook audiences from start to finish yet give them something to ponder.


Hi, I'm Sheehan

I love making video games. I dream big and then work tirelessly to bring my ideas to life. I have been making my own stories for as long as I can remember.

Although I am a game creator, 70% of my body is made of movies. Particularly, Tarantino and Miyazaki movies.

I currently reside as a student at University of Southern California, pursuing a major in Interactive Media and Games.


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