• Software: Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, Maya, Substance 3D Suite
  • Languages: HLSL/GLSL, ShaderGraph, Amplify SE, Unreal Material Editor, C#, C++, Python, PyQt

SPOOKULELE: Environment Art (WIP)

2023, Unreal

  • Updated version of SPOOKULELE’s French Quarter level in Unreal engine.
  • Modelled, sculpted, and textured various assets & trim sheets.

For more, see the Artstation post here.

Rain Visual Effect

2023, HLSL, VFX Graph & ShaderGraph (Unity URP)


Read the breakdown blogpost here.

Shadertoy Raycaster

2022, GLSL

Done as part of a Blizzard graphics test. I implemented:

  • Point & directional lighting with PBR reflectance and normal mapping
  • ambient & emissive lighting with environment-mapped reflections
  • directional shadows & bloom

View the ShaderToy here.

SPOOKULELE: Character Ubershader

2021, HLSL & Amplify Shader Editor (Unity URP)

Stylized Lighting Aniso Hair & POM Eyes Character FX

Created to handle all character materials in SPOOKULELE.

  • Directional Subsurface Scattering
  • Kajiya-Kay anisotropic hair shading
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping eye-shading
  • Character FX such as flashes, disintegration

SPOOKULELE: Procedural Animation

2021, C#, HLSL

Head Tracking Blinking Voice-controlled lighting

BLOOMPUNK: Environment Set Dress & Lighting

2022, Unity

  • Led a team of 7 3D artists to produce assets in a consistent style for the game
  • Set dressed, lit, and authored vfx for the game environment

For more, see the Artstation here.

SPOOKULELE: Vango Rig & Animation

2021, Blender

Vango is a ranged, shielded enemy. I modelled, rigged and animated the Vango animations.

Rig Breakdown

Walk Cycle

Prepare to Shoot

Knock-up & Topple